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Hopwood School & Camp & Wrap-up

Today was the last “gathering” of the Ride to Alaska for Juvenile Arthritis.  I visited the Hopwood School of Lansdale, where my daughter attends day-care and camp to meet with the kids and accept a check from the proceeds of the Hopwood fundraising efforts.  The kids had lots of great questions about the ride and were intrigued  with the motorcycle (Sally) – was hard to keep them away from the hot engine of the bike.

About a month ago, the kids at the Hopwood School and Camp participated in some competitive fundraising games described in my Post of May 29, 2012.  Between the Penny Wars and the Tread-a-thon the kids raised about $850 and donated the funds to the Ride to Alaska for Juvenile Arthritis. Heidi Geverd, the school/camp director, presented me with a check for the Arthritis Foundation and the kids seemed truly excited to give to kids living with the disease.  I know that all of the kids dealing with juvenile arthritis would want me to pass along heart-felt thanks to Heidi, The Hopwood School and especially to all of the kids and families who participated in the event!

Accepting the Check from the Hopwood School

This was the last scheduled event for the Ride – and what a great way to wrap-up an unbelievable fun and rewarding experience.  The mix of adventure, physical endurance, planning and giving a little back to the community made this one of the neatest things that I have ever done – surely life-changing.


I know I have been negligent in acknowledging  the support I received, but 1st and foremost I need to thank my wife Andrea for supporting me in this event – living a month with a 4-yr old with no support is in itself a test of endurance…  And of course, my daughter Azhar, who never really figured out why Daddy had to ride all the way to Alaska when there are plenty of planes flying there…

The ride would never have been possible without the support of those at home and enroute- all giving without any expectation of compensation.  A special thanks to Mark in Fargo, Tom in Bismark and all the riders there, Dennis and Fite from the Team Pterodactyl in Dawson City and Anchorage, Rich and Stef in Fairbanks;  Kristin, Mark and all the folks at the Alaska Native Medical Center and the riders who joined us to ride to the picnic, and of course the Arthritis Foundation in Phila, Fargo and Anchorage.

Finally, a warm thanks to all who contributed to the ride.  I believe we are going to end up at a little over $8200 in total contributions resulting from the ride.  Some large donations may not appear on the Kintera site for administrative reasons.  I know times are tough and each dollar donated is a dollar you could have spent on yourself or family.  I am going to try to add a page listing all who contributed, so check back in a day or so.  The donation site will be open for at least another 6 months so feel free to add to the pot if you haven’t already.

The blog has had a little over 9,000 hits since the idea was conceived in July of 2011, so I think we did well in raising awareness for the kids and their challenges. Thanks for following, commenting and keeping me aware that you were all out there and watching – maybe living a bit of adventure through the ride I was doing.

Tomorrow night I will do a post on some personal reflections on the ride, the people I met and all of that.  Getting late tonight and the fingers are getting fatter each minute…


Home! Thursday, July 5, 4pm

Mileage Today (and Yesterday): 1,822 miles (36 hrs)
Odometer Stop: 39,884 miles
Odometer Start: 28,621 miles
Total Distance: 11,263 miles
Miscellaneous Info: 2 oil changes, 1 air filter, 2 sets tires, 1 headlight bulb – no mechanical issues
Funds raised:  Just over $10,000 – exact count  pending

Weyburn, SK – Home

I will be doing some post-dated posts on the activities of the last few days in Alaska, but for now, just letting everyone know I am safely home.

After getting stranded in Weyburn, SK by my 3rd set of violent T-storms, I decided to push for home at 4am on Tuesday morning.  I was trying to time it so that I made it through Chicago about midnight or later to miss the traffic – WRONG!!!!

I forgot that it was the 4th of July and hit Chicago about midnight – 4-5 lanes of traffic all night long.  I had left Weyburn about 4am, so had been on the bike for nearly 22 hrs when I hit this mess.  I was not a happy camper to say the least. Man, and I thought Philadelphia traffic and drivers were bad! Then there were the construction delays…  more later.

Anyway,  was finally on the PA turnpike about 2 pm on Thursday cruising about 80 mph, when I caught sight of a couple of crazy people waving and jumping around on the side of the road!  It was my sister, Georgia and her partner Ron with their own version of “Welcome Home.”  What a surprise!  I have to admit being fairly delirious by this time after almost 34 hrs of straight driving, but a welcome sight! Thanks Guys!

Writing this from home and will update the blog later this week-end so check back.  Epic journey to say the least.

This is a fundraiser….

Just a quick reminder to all of those followers/readers out there, a big part of this ride is the fundraising for Juvenile Arthritis.  If you haven’t contributed yet, or have a little extra in the checking account, please consider a contribution – no matter how small.  Here is the link to the “Donation” page.

We are at about $6,000 so far in contributions and would like to hit $10,000 before the ride is over.  Just think, the blog is getting about 300 hits a day.  If each person put in $10, we would be very close to our goal!  Thanks in advance!

Now, the commercial is over… Back to the ride!


Hopwood School Comes Through for The Ride to Alaska!

The Hopwood School of Lansdale, PA has come through to help the kids with Juvenile Arthritis by offering to donate the proceeds from a couple of fund-raising events at the School to the Ride.  The Hopwood School and Camp provides a unique experience for kids age 2 through kindergarten on a beautiful 8 acre facility in the Lansdale area.  With a wonderful,  dedicated staff; a “farm” type country setting and crisp, well-managed programs, you couldn’t ask for any thing better for your  child – I know, my daughter attends.   During the week of June 25th it looks like there will be about 175 “campers” participating in the two events: Treadathon and Penny Wars.  I have not been involved in these fundraisers in the past, so can’t offer too much detail. Here is what I know about the fundraisers so far.

I think that the Treadathon is pretty self-explanatory as the camp has two pools for the kids to use, but the Penny Wars may need a little explanation.The idea with Penny Wars is that the 2 camp groups, Middle ages 6-8 and Upper ages 9-12, collect change in their camp group container all week. Each penny in the container is a point but any silver or dollars count as a negative amount in the amount of the coin or dollar ( a dime is -10 points, a dollar is -100 points, etc.) What happens is each camp group puts the pennies in their container and the silver and dollars in the other camp group’s container. Usually the groups with the smaller negative amount wins. The prize is a special snack like ice cream sandwiches. Sounds a bit like the beginnings of a hedge fund, but all for a good cause.

About the time that the Penny Wars are getting started at Hopwood School, I will be leaving the comfort of my dorm room at University of Alaska Fairbanks and heading north for 500 miles of dirt roads to Prudhoe Bay.  If I can find an internet connection somewhere out there, I am going to try to connect via Skype or other means to show support for the activities back in Lansdale.  Might be a long shot though.  Between the 4 hour time difference and the nearly nonexistent internet connections in that part of the world, connecting will be tough. Before I leave in about 10 days, I hope to bring the bike to the school and talk to the kids about the ride and what I am trying to accomplish.  Maybe a bit of a challenge for a 3-yr old to digest, but the kids always love the bike.

In any case, a special thanks goes out to Heidi, Mary and all of those at the school who have offered to support the Ride to Alaska through these activities.  I am sure that if they could, each one of the over 300,000 kids in the US who have been impacted by the disease would offer their heartfelt thanks as well! Now, get those pennies ready; well,  better yet, make them dollars…

Broke $4000!!!

Well, we are creeping up on the $25,000 goal.  We are now at about $4,100 in total contributions with about 3 weeks to go before departure.  Once the ride starts, I hope to see an increase in funding from all of the connections made along the way.  The current total does not include a couple of major corporate efforts that should be announced next week – well needed boost.  About 16.5 % of goal!