Sponsors and Contributors

Here is a list of those individuals that contributed to the Ride:

(Note that double listings usually indicate 2 separate donations.  Also, this is the online listing. Cash donations usually went in to Arthritis Foundation under my name.)

First Name Last Name
Diane Asti
Nancy & Gene Bardach
Robert Bender
Tom Carroll
Laura Catalano
Mary Clay
Susan Danforth
Teresa Danforth
Christopher Davis
Patrick Dolan Construction Inc
Jeff Doutrich
Jeffrey Doutrich
Robert Echard
Tim Fenchel
Michael Fernandez
James FitzGerald
Allen Giles
Dean Graham
Rick Grossert
Mark Haldane
Ellen Hendricks
Tom Price – Herbein + Company, Inc.
Geraldine Kelly
Geraldine Kelly
Peter King
Cynthia Knott
Thomas Krall
Paul Kusko
Kristina La Firenza
Paula laholt
The Rider’s Workshop LLC
Sharon Manuel
Sharon Manuel
Robert Marchand
Lou Metzger
Jason Mifflin
Heidi Hopwood School
Tim and Mary Lou Opper
Orphan Orphan
Barbara Ostrov
Karl Ott
Carl Petrus
Charles Ridpath
Mike Sandal
David Shuey
John Stevens
Phyllis Stevens
Rebecca Stevens
Sandra Stevens
Rose Trebeath
Mark Weidman
White Wave Foods
Catherine Yougerst
Kurt Zwikl

Below is a listing of those companies and individuals who have contributed to the ride and its execution either financially or by offering services,  equipment or advice.

Wolfman Luggage is providing a tank bag and luggage for the trip to Alaska.  See the “Gear” page for a detailed review.

Whether you ride to work, in the dirt, to the coffee shop, or across the planet, Wolfman makes a bag that will help you get where you’re going. Stylish and highly functional, Wolfman luggage sets the highest standards, then strives to exceed them.”

Hermy’s BMW – Port Clinton, PA  – A special thanks to the folks at Hermy’s BMW  for providing support and a forum to get the word out on the ride.  In addition to providing excellent service for the 1200 GSA, Hermy’s has offered a chance to meet and greet during their numerous events this Spring.

Kay Designs – Joe Vuotto of Kay Designs has been tireless in supporting the ride through a myrid of requests for graphics, decals, stickers and such for the bike and equipment – all at no cost.  Kay Designs does not have a web site, but Joe can be reached via e-mail at: kaydesigns@comcast.net.

Laura Catalano – Laura is the Ride’s unofficial PR director and wordsmith.  Laura has offered quick response to my endless requests for proper prose, navigating press releases and guidance on the “new” social network avenues for getting the word out.  Check out Laura’s blog at:  http://lcatalano.wordpress.com/


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