Although I want the ride to be fluid – changeable based on weather, road conditions, and interest in exploration, I felt obligated to come up with a rough schedule for those following and the necessary planning for certain hotels and

2010 D2D Riders – from ADV Riders

events.  At this point, the only real “events” that I am hoping to include is the Dust to Dawson gathering during the summer solstice (June  21-22, 2012) in Dawson CIty, Yukon Territory and the Jigle Bell Run in North Pole AK.  I posted a blog entry a few weeks ago on the gathering – check it out here.  Based on the folks that I have chatted with and the reports on the gathering, sounds like something I don’t want to miss — as long as I am up there anyway.  Only issue is getting up there in about 12 days from Philadelphia – will need to push it and will be quite easy to get distracted with photos and such.

Here is the final schedule – there should be no major updates.  It is important to understand that this is a “plan” probably abandoned in the 1st week of so, but a place to start.    All very aggressive, probably too much so, but gotta start somewhere.  No allowance for breaks, maintenance, weather and such.  But, there are many sub-400 mile days, which should give some room for issues as they arise.

Total Mileage as planned: 12,000 miles, 34 days, 357 miles/day average.



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