Planning for the Ride

There have been a number of people, sites and resources that I have returned to repeatedly in the planning for this ride.  I have referred to these resources elsewhere on this site and in various blog posts, but thought that their value warranted an additional reference here.  They are:

ADV Rider Forum – Alaska Regional Sub-Forum With a special thanks to the following “inmates” active in the forum:

 AKDuc – For endless patience in explaining the best places to go in AK

 Fighter – For the candid advice on equipment and routes and the D2D

Friar Mike – For help in getting the equipment and services needed

Alcan Rider – For the great pictures and recommendations on places to go

Jim VonBaden’s various sites on BMW 1200 GS Maintenance

Bill Dragoo with Adventure Rider Magazine – How to change a tire – Camping and Maintenance Checklists

The Milepost – goto resource for maps, places to visit and services in CA and AK

Alaska 511 – for road conditions leading up to the ride.  With all the snow, this is critical

SPOT GPS – Continuous updates on position and emergency response

Iron Butt Association – For info on Long Distance Rinding and equipment

About Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation

Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile Arthritis Annual Conference – July 7-10, 2012 – Washington, DC

About Adventure Motoing

BMW Motorcycle Owners Association

Adventure Rider Web Site


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