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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


More coming… Eat, Sleep, Ride…

Hang in there – on the way home and limited time to blog.  Eat, sleep, ride as they say…

Currently in Grande Prairie,  AB – to Minot, ND tomorrow… (1000+ miles)

A sneak preview:

Outgoing Trip Summary

So here is the summary of the trip to Prudhoe Bay:

Departure: 6/10/12  Odometer: 28,621 miles

Arrive Prudhoe Bay: 6/25/12 Odometer: 34,577

Total Mileage: 5,956 miles

Riding Days: 12 days

Rest/Activity/Layover Days: 4 (Stewart, Dawson City, Fairbanks)

Average Mileage: 496 miles/day

Outgoing Route

Proposed Route Home:

Mileage: 5,185 miles

Route Home

Ride home starts tomorrow!

(stops in Fairbanks for maintenance and Anchorage – ANMC function)

Bozeman, MT to Cranbrook, BC

I realized tonight that I am kind of confusing things by the way I am posting.  Today is day 5, so I will use this post to summarize Day 5.

Total Miles today: 575
Description: Bozeman, MT around Lake Flathead to Cranbrook, BC

Had another leisurely, but long day.  Left Bozeman about 8am and rode up around Flat Head Lake, stopped in Missoula and even stopped for lunch before getting into the mountains.  Shot some photos and some video, but am not yet proficient at editing the video to make it short enough to post.  Would take forever on the slow internet connection I am on.

Was a great day with all of the fundraising functions behind me, my time is my own now.  I took almost 11 hours to cover the mileage today – very slow and lots of traffic – 2-lane roads.  But, was in no hurry for a change – just enjoyed the ride. Stopped for lunch at the 1st place I came to about noon – big mistake.  Probably the worst  BLT I have ever had and was scared to touch anything…  Pretty rough. Would you stop and eat at this place?

Well, survived lunch and started riding into some really pretty country.  Stopped and took the obligatory shot of the bike with the mountains behind, but gives some sense of the size of the place.  Very big…

Crossed the Continental Divide at about 6,600 ‘ ASL shortly afar taking this photo.  Nothing happened – almost missed the sign.

Finally got into Canada about 5:30pm and focused on miles vs. kilometers and finding a place to camp for the night.  ended up at a little campground outside of a town called Cranbrook, BC.  Nothing special, but they do have internet, so here I sit on the porch of the store at 9:30pm (still very light) typing away.

Tomorrow is unplanned – no real destination.  Probably try to get in 500-600 miles, but do want to stop by Takakkaw Falls and was trying to do it in the morning light for some photos. As the sun rises at 5:35 am, and I am still 3-4 hrs away… Guess the mid-day light will have to do…  Trying to make it to Prince George, BC tomorrow.  Would be a 544  mile/ 12 hr day.  Might mean another hotel to save time…

Anyway, the sun is starting to finally set here and the day is catching up to me.  Till tomorrow…

Day 5 – Bismarck to Bozeman, MT

Description: Bismarck, ND to Bozeman, MT 
Odometer: 30, 889 Mileage: 563 Total Mileage: 2268
Time: 9 hrs (Group Ride to Beach, ND)
Today: Bozeman, MT to Lake Louise, Alberta

Unfortunately, due to a terrible internet connection, this post has to be short and  w/o pictures.  I will update at next opportunity.

Tom & I – Badlands Behind

We had a great ride yesterday with 10 riders joining Tom and me from Bismarck to the ND border.  A bit windy, but great weather.  Our “gathering” was covered by a local TV station and also had a live radio interview on COOL 98.7 out of Bismarck.  Word is getting out — at least in ND!  Great hospitality in North Dakota!  Thanks to Tom and all who rode along today!

The Bismarck Escort

Click HERE for a link to the Bismarck TV article and video on the ride.

We had  lunch together in Beach, ND before parting and I headed on to Bozeman to visit my cousin Betsy.  Unfortunately, I got my days mixed up and showed up a day early, but Betsy accommodated anyway.  Because of the mix-up, I ended up staying in a Super 8 hotel (with terrible internet service), but we spent a fun evening together reminiscing on old childhood memories.  I expect to have lots of pictures of the day posted here soon.

Today I will be heading north on a back roads ride past Flathead Lake up into Canada then on to Yoho Park near Banff and Lake Louise.  Not sure I will make it the whole way there today (660 miles) as I am getting a late start (8am) and the road promises to be clogged with folks like me.  Hope to drag out the SLR camera a few times today and will post the results here.  Plan on camping tonight, so that will add to the time factor.  From here on, plan is pretty loose – work my way up the West Coast to Watson Lake in Yukon.  Currently 40 degrees F here, so will be a chilly start.  More later…

Day 4 – Fargo to Bismarck, ND – What a Welcome!

Description: Perham MN (outside Fargo) to Bismarck, ND
Odometer: 30, 326 Mileage: 266 Total Mileage: 1705
Time: 4 hrs (Stop in Fargo for TV spot)
Today: Bismarck, ND to Beach, ND to Bozeman, MT

Yesterday’s Summary

Left the hotel mid morning for a show ride to the Fargo Indian Triumph dealer to meet up with Dr. Mark Jensen and Kelly Brekke of the Arthritis Foundation for a couple of interviews with local TV stations.  Hope to have a link posted to the interviews later today.  As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Mark and I met on a motorcycle ride in Patagonia – “End of the Earth Tour”.  Mark showed up at the dealer with a bunch of pizzas and grinning from ear-to-ear as usual.  Great bunch of folks at Indian Triumph of Fargo – special thanks to them and Mark for setting this up and hosting it.  Kelly did a great job coordinating all of this – Thanks Kelly!

Left Fargo early afternoon and quickly ran across the “world’s largest turkey” and immediately thought of Dolores Bonjo of Schuylkill River Heritage Area fame.  Actually, didn’t run across the turkey, just saw the sign.  After sharing an office with Dolores, I heard endless stories about the size of the turkey that she was raising for Thanksgiving. Well Dolores, think there is one out there bigger than yours…  Anyway, what a claim to fame!

From Fargo on to Bismarck to meet Tom Trenbeath for a formal welcome to North Dakota at the State Capitol.  Tom has put together a group of riders that will ride from Bismarck to Beach, ND (state border) with me.  Think we will have 15 or so riders on all brands of bikes and from different backgrounds.  Stayed at Tom’s house Tuesday night.  Tom and his wife treated me with what I am finding to be typical ND hospitality.  More on this later with pictures.


Today we are leaving Bismarck abut 9am after I have a radio interview with COOL 98.7 at 7:30am.  I am sure we will have lots of pictures and stories on this gathering.  Once reaching the border of ND, I am heading on to Bozeman, MT to meet and stay with my cousin there.

For those of you following the blog, be sure to check back on previous posts as I am editing them and adding pictures/video.  I still need a place to sit down and organize all of the pictures and comments – a place with good internet connection and when the ride activity drops a bit.  Probably in a day or two.

Thanks to all of you following the blog, commenting and donating as a result.  Activity is way up and  all of this can’t help but benefit the kids.

On to Fargo… Monday 6-11-12

As noted in the post yesterday, on to Fargo, ND today.  Sort of an easy day.  Will be crossing the Mackinac Bridge 1st thing this morning.  The bridge is the 3rd longest suspension bridge in the world, 5 miles long and known for its high winds.  It is one of those bridges that has a metal grating deck – a horror on a motorcycle. Might be able to get some pictures, but it may still be dark and I might just focus on getting over the bridge.  Should be over it by 6am and on the road to Duluth.

660 Mile ride to Fargo, but on Secondary roads.  Weather is forecast to be much cooler than yesterday, chance of rain – maybe wash off the Michigan crud.  Not a pleasant ride yesterday, hot, Sunday afternoon tourists and traffic.  Hopefully today will be cooler and more fun.


I have added a link to the SPOT GPS track so you can see the route.  Please give met some feedback on the link.  Does it work?  What can you see?  Note the page numbers at the bottom left.  I still haven’t figured out how to combine all of the tracks…

To see the SPOT GPS track, click: HERE