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All of the photos from the Ride to Alaska will be posted on Smugmug and can be reached HERE!

Check ’em out and comment if you like!


2 responses to “Photo Links…

  1. Ted, Congratulations on a safe ride and successful fundraising effort. Really enjoyed following along from home via your posts and GPS Tracker. Also really enjoyed the wrap up presentation, final thoughts, and seeing all the photos. And couldn’t believe those last 36 hours, as I thought the SPOT Tracker must be wrong (LOL). Last week I just completed a 6-day 2600 mile journey from Florida to Boston, via the Great Smoky Mountains and the whole Blue Ridge Parkway, but this pales in comparison. I was wondering if you could answer a couple of quick of questions. Where did you get gas on those long stretches in Canada & Alaska? Did you truly require the larger tanks on the GS ADV? How long/miles between fill ups? What did you eat during those long days on the bike? And lastly, I have a copy of starting pack list, but am now wondering how you might modify this in anyway after completing the trip? Thanks. Bob Marchand (

  2. Hi Bob – Thanks for the comments. Answers to your questions follow:

    Gas – pretty available throughout Canada and Alaska. I averaged about 200-220 miles between fill-ups, but passed lots of gas stations. There were a few times where I was a bit worried, but could have diverted a few miles and gotten gas. If your range is much less than 250, would suggest carrying and extra gallon or 2. Also, often only regular grade (87 octane) is available. I had no problems with the GSA running on regular.

    Food – lots of places to stop (most gas stations have something). Canada and Alaska seem to be pretty meat and potatoes – not much healthy. I often carried snacks and such with me and just ate as I needed to. Actually, I didn’t do such a good job at nutrition. Lost about 9 lbs on the trip. I am not a fast food guy an was a bit challenged to find something I felt like eating, so just skipped meals…

    Bring list – I used most of what I brought with me and wouldn’t leave much off the list. I had full camping gear and found that I only used it 2x in 26 days. Just too much time to set-up and breakdown each day. Figured I would loose 3-4 hours each day if I camped. If I did it again, I would probably leave the camping stuff at home. On a little more leisurely trip, camping would be more of an option. My rain gear was a little untested – got pretty soaked a few times. Might have liked to have my “Warm n safe” jacket – I only had a heated vest. Didn’t us much of my spare parts, but glad I had them along.

    Used the GPS constantly, not so much for routes but for finding hotels and gas.

    Hope this helps a little. I might ponder your questions a bit more and add to my answers in a day or so.

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