Day 19 and 20 Fairbanks to Anchorage (Wasilla)

Mileage today: 393 miles
Total Mileage: 6,881 miles

Bit of a boring post today.  No pictures,  nothing too noteworthy.

Spent yesterday on maintenance – prep for the ride back.  Once again, Rich of Northern Moosed Campground stepped up and offered me his place and some hands to get the stuff done.  Needed to change the  oil and filter as well as clean the Haul Rd. dust from the air cleaner.  I wish I had taken a picture of the dirt in the air filter.  No wonder I am in respiratory distress!  Must been a 1/2″ of dirt in the filter – and I was breathing this stuff for 14 hrs!

Went to see Friar Mike today to get my street tires put back on.  Feels pretty weird – no more singing of the Continental TKC80s.  Still think that Sally needs a little TLC once I get home.  Hermy’s team will take care of much of that.

Fairbanks to Wasilla, AK

Tomorrow, meeting some other riders at the “House of Harley” in Anchorage and riding to the Alaska Native Medical Center for a little picnic for the kids.  Hope to get some pictures of them signing the bike for the ride home.  The show starts at 2pm and I am hoping to be out of there by 6pm to begin the ride home.  Hoping to make 300 miles to Tok to get a good start on things, but that might be a push.  Anyway, ready for the last leg – but, will be good to see the kids and families that I am riding for – a bit of inspiration.  Will be fun to show the kids at Camp Victory the shots of their counterparts in AK signing the same panniers…

Signing the Panniers – “Your Name is Going to Alaska!”


One response to “Day 19 and 20 Fairbanks to Anchorage (Wasilla)


    Sounds like you’ve made some new friends up there who are helping you out with your travels. That’s a good thing…….I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting your AK kids and their families. And I bet they are anxious to meet their “new friend” from way back here and thank you for your committment to them. ENJOY the day.

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