Outgoing Trip Summary

So here is the summary of the trip to Prudhoe Bay:

Departure: 6/10/12  Odometer: 28,621 miles

Arrive Prudhoe Bay: 6/25/12 Odometer: 34,577

Total Mileage: 5,956 miles

Riding Days: 12 days

Rest/Activity/Layover Days: 4 (Stewart, Dawson City, Fairbanks)

Average Mileage: 496 miles/day

Outgoing Route

Proposed Route Home:

Mileage: 5,185 miles

Route Home

Ride home starts tomorrow!

(stops in Fairbanks for maintenance and Anchorage – ANMC function)


2 responses to “Outgoing Trip Summary


    Be safe and enjoy the ride home.

  2. Michael Fernandez

    Be safe! Just like in mountain climbing, getting to the top isn’t really half of the challenge. Must add about your photo of the tundra – makes the high plains of Colorado look mountainous!

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