Day 13 & 14 On to Fairbanks

I know, I know…  Getting negligent about posting.

Mileage today: 404 + about 200 yesterday (exploring)


I did visit Chicken, AK yesterday, or I thought I had.  Apparently missed the town, even though I was looking for it…

I have a ton of photos from the Top of the World and just haven’t had time to sort through them all. Kind of falling apart in the organization department.  Dawson was getting a bit nuts and I was ready to head out.  Glad to be in Fairbanks on the final push of the ride.  More on tomorrow in a minute, 1st the Top of the World Highway:

View from Top of the World Highway

Gives and idea of the road… mostly gravel

A Cairn Along the way (just before the AK border)

Last night was the final night of the D2D – lots of partying and games.   There was the slowest rider contest, the slalom, the blind stopping contest and others.  I will embellish on these later, but for now a few photos:

Today I drove to Fairbanks in preparation for the run to Prudhoe Bay.  Have to admit a bit of apprehension, it’s a long way and there are lots of horror stories.  Although the weather has been very good the last few days, rain is in the forecast and that makes the Haul Road a bit of a challenge.  Apparently the calcium carbonate surface gets pretty slick when wet.  Also, there are a few spots of fresh gravel that is pretty deep – some have said axle deep.  Not a big problem when you see it and are join slow, but at any speed…  Well, my skills aren’t up to that level yet.  I will putt along at my agonizingly slow pace and get there eventually.  I did finally get reservations at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel, which eliminates the need to head right back to my starting point – many have advised against trying to return inane day…

Anyway, Here is my route tomorrow through Wednesday: Fairbanks (A) to Wiseman (B) to Prudhoe Bay, then return.  I am pretty sure I will not be posting during this time, but will catch-up  when I am back in Fairbanks on Wednesday night and Thursday.  Friday to Wasilla to have the street tires mounted, Saturday to the Alaska Native Medical Center Function, then home.  I opted to cancel the engagement in North Pole (Jingle Bell Run).  I am just too tired and there are too many things pressing at home.  I really miss Andrea and Azhar and am going to push to get home quickly.

The Route to Prudhoe Bay and Back


One response to “Day 13 & 14 On to Fairbanks


    Boy that view from the Top of the World Hwy is pretty awesome. And take your time over the next few days to just focus on the task at hand. Good to catch the room avail in Prudhoe Bay……use it for some well deserved rest. Take it all in man and enjoy your adventure. Be safe.

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