Day 12 – Dawson City 2 of 3

Today was a very lazy day.  Took the bike out with the new tires for a 60 mile run off-road (dirt and gravel).  Performed well and I got my off-road legs back, at least a bit.  Didn’t do much else.  Below is a rough map of the route today and a view from the top.  Lots of active gold mines and was real easy to get lost out there.  Was a fun ride with just enough anxiety to keep things interesting. Actually had a little hail while riding up on the top.

Route Above Dawson City

View from the Top of the Dome

The “gathering” in Dawson City is in full swing.  Lots of bikes, riders and characters.  All are very supportive of the ride and one person came up to me and thanked me for the effort as his daughter has juvenile arthritis.  Good to know that the effort is appreciated.

However, I am sort of itching to get back on the road.  If it wasn’t for my commitment to announce the fundraiser at tomorrow’s dinner, I would probably head out and get an early start to Fairbanks.  Going to be a long ride Saturday and I can’t get my desired early start as the border crossing doesn’t open until 9am – that is mid-day for me!  It is a 11-12 hour ride which means getting into Fairbanks at 9pm and getting up to start the ride to Prudhoe Bay the next morning.  Might be tough…


One response to “Day 12 – Dawson City 2 of 3


    WOW…..what a view from atop the world!!! Glad to hear your new shoes fit well. And don’t push yourself too hard on the next leg. Sounds like a long one. Be safe and thanks again for the postings.

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