Day 10 – Watson Lake, YT to Carmacks, YT – Tues, 6-19-12

Distance today: 385 miles – 9 hrs
Total Distance: 4835 miles

Today’s focus was on getting from Watson Lake to Whitehorse (6 1/2 hr drive) in order to get the oil changed in the bike.  Had to be there by 10:30 am which meant a 4am departure.  I did all of the above ad got to the Yukon Yamaha dealer at 9:30am, an hour early (typical me).  Met some guys from W. Va and from Oregon – all heading to the “non-rally” in Dawson City.

Got the bike’s (Sally)  oil changed, but took pretty long.  The ride was filled with threatening rain clouds;  but more often than not I managed to thread the needle (storms to left and right):

Threading the Needle

Red Onion Saloon

Was thinking about a run to Skagway to visit the brothel, actually a brothel museum, but ran out of time.  Was invited to the Red Onion Saloon by someone, but can’t remember who.  No matter, not going to make it…  Still would like to make it – would be a great picture for the kids –  the ladies with the bike; on 2nd thought maybe not… Guess I am better off in the “Hotel Carmacks” tonight.  Don’t think I can get in much trouble here…

Rain off and on today – cold start at about 45 degrees F.  Interesting ride from Whitehorse to Carmacks (about 2.5 hrs).  Passed through another area ravaged by fire.  Seems to be a common theme here.  But, the further north I go, the longer regeneration of the flora seems to take.  The pictures below are from a fire in 1998 – 14 yrs ago.  Still looks pretty desolate.

Lots of damage, and up here seems to take 20-30 years just to get started again.  Wouldn’t want to be here when it was burning.

Say lots of these purple floors along the road on the way to Carmacks.  Not sure what it is, but have asked Andrea – she is sure to figure it out.  Once agin the smells were overpowering.  This time, riding along these purple flowers, remind me of stepping into an elevator with one of those old ladies whose olfactory senses left a long time ago… Overwhelming floral smell, but no bugs.  Isn’t that why these plants put out the smell?  to attract bugs for pollination?  Oh well, just an ignorant engineer…

I know, I know…  Pretty boring post.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll see a guy being eaten by a bear or an avalanche or something…  Days are getting long and I miss the family – about 1/2 way.


4 responses to “Day 10 – Watson Lake, YT to Carmacks, YT – Tues, 6-19-12

  1. Holly (one of the kid sisters)

    Purple flowers look beautiful & am envious of the wildlife spottings…you’re sounding a bit tired and, well, a bit delirious! Sending you loving thoughts filled with stamina!

  2. Actually feeling pretty good. Yesterday started at 3am and ended at about 9pm – long day. This morning, after a good night’s sleep – ready to go!

  3. Terry Danforth

    Just read the history of the D2D in Dawson. Very cool! Enjoy the Summer Solstice in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Summer in southeastern PA is being ushered in by a record-breaking heat wave — makes chilly weather and cloud cover sound good.

  4. Yes – D2D is pretty cool. 220 + riders are expected this year for the “non-rally” as it is called. I will post the history when I get into town tonight… In fact, might do it now…

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