Day 8 – Stewart, BC – Father’s Day!

Got a “Happy Father’s Day” from my little one (actually from Andrea).  Check out the shirt!

Today is a lazy one.  Hanging around Stewart, BC for a little rest after 7 days on the road.  Hope to get out and get some pictures, but forecast is for rain and overcast.  Cloud deck is at about 50 feet AGL, so not much to see.  Still have lots to do though: laundry, minor bike maintenance, organization and pictures.  Will head out early tomorrow for Watson Lake.  Hope the rain stops…

I am only about 3 miles from the Alaska border here and might run over just to day I was in Alaska.  Silly I guess…

Made the run to Hyder, AK, not much to see but I did get in to Alaska!  Ran about 3-4 miles up a dirt road to see another glacier, but bridge was washed out and road closed.  Did stop and take a few pictures of a pond and scenery.  Have to admit, was a little nervous – a mother grizzly and her cub were seen in the area last night – kept thinking that something was watching me…

Beautiful Downtown Hyder, AK

Pond Along the Dirt Road

I also ran back up 37A to Bear Glacier and took a few shots.  Lots of flood damage,

Bear Glacier

Based on my original schedule, I am about a day behind, but schedule is loose… My only real commitment now is to get to the D2D in Dawson City by June 21st (Summer Solstice), then on to Prudhoe Bay, still 1,744 miles away…


7 responses to “Day 8 – Stewart, BC – Father’s Day!

  1. Not silly at all. Step in Alaska and back out! Thats part of the fun!


    Could you use your Sheetz card there in Hyder?? A real bustling metropolis……guess the bike is performing well. That’s a good thing. Enjoy a couple of days to explore your way to Dawson City. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY……..

    • Bike is doing very well – no issues. Had to change the headlight bulb in Stewart, but had a spare with my – no issue. Heading to Scakway tomorrow – home of the brothel museum. Stay tuned for pics…

  3. Hey Ted, any hotels there in Hyder? Wow, you are in the middle of nowhere!

    • A couple hotels and 2 restaurants. I actually had dinner in Hyder last night, very good. Waitress’ husband just caught a halibut and that was the “special”. I learned that you can’t go by looks up here…

  4. Michael Fernandez

    Took a look at your video on smugmug… that’s some fine looking weather you are having!

    • All part of the adventure… Had a little rain every day since I hit Canada – what a welcome… Gear is holding up fine though – a little chilly, but surviving. Actually warmer in Fairbanks than Stewart…

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