Day 7 – Prince George to Stewart, BC – Saturday, 6-16-12

Odometer: 32,314 Mileage today: 432   Total Mileage: 3,693
Time: 8 hrs

Prince George, BC to Stewart, BC

Today was a “stop whining and ride” day – at least that is what I said to myself.  As predicted, cold (high of 50) and wet.  Spent most of the day in the saddle because you couldn’t see much.  Every once and awhile, a glimpse of the mountains came through, but rained most of the way.

Was a pretty so-so ride, until turning the corner on Rt 34A to Stewart, BC.  Unbelievable! I didn’t stop for pictures; just too damned tired.  But, did strap the helmet cam on and shot some video.  I am still trying to work out editing video with the Apple software…  iMovie seems to want to import the thing into little bites and takes forever.   I must be doing something wrong.  In any case, I posted the whole clip here:

Pretty boring, so you probably don’t want to watch the whole thing, but does give some sense of the ride.  Keep in mind that it is about 45 degrees F out and raining/sleet.  Best to turn your sound down.  Not the best circumstances to shoot video, but here it is:


I landed in Stewart about 4pm – 8 hour day in the rain.  The hotel looked like heaven – nothing special, but warm and dry.  Was a little concerned about not having any reservations – but, no problem.  I actually think I will stay here for 2 days, take the day off tomorrow for some exploration and photos.  Hope the clouds clear…

Please go back and check yesterday’s post – I added some pictures now that I have internet access – albeit slow…


One response to “Day 7 – Prince George to Stewart, BC – Saturday, 6-16-12

  1. rivertowne ron

    “Chilly and wet ride today”……a day in the life of a travelin’ man!!! Good to see you’re taking a break to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Appreciate being able to follow you along the way. And technology……..sometimes can be a bear!!! Local humor.

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