Day 6 – Ft. Steele, BC to Prince George, BC Friday 6-15-12

Once again, I checked into the Days Inn in Prince George, BC with the intent of updating the blog and adding pictures – lots of them.  Unfortunately, another sucky internet connection and very limited.  Am typing this entry on the hotel computer…  How we have become spoiled…

Current Odometer: 31,882 Days Mileage: 400 mi (est)

Today’s Route – Ft. Steele to Prince George


Today, went through some beautiful scenery – mountains, ice and snow.  Great ride, until the tourists arrived (I guess I am one of them).  When I hit the Icefields Parkway above Lake Louise, lots of RVs and buses abound.  I am amazed at how unaware the drivers of these RVs are..  They will stop in the middle of the road when passing a nice scene or animal – no consideration for the 20 cars lined up behind them.  Oh well, but the views are worth it.

Saw bears, coyotes, a moose and all kinds of wildlife. Actually, I saw more black bears than anything else, maybe because they stand out against the background.  This one as about 30 yds off the road munching on some flowers – didn’t even lift his head when I stopped the bike. The moose was a bit more curious, when I stopped she started directly for me – was a bit worried for a minute. Found myself hoping the bike would start if I had to get away in a hurry.

The pictures really don’t do justice to the perspective – everything is big, really big; and rugged.  I can only imagine he 1st explorers coming through this part of the country with family in tow trying to figure how to get past, over or around these rivers and mountains.

Saturday’s Ride – Prince George to Stewart, BC – 700 miles kilometers, Google maps says 9 hrs.  However, rain all day and a high of 50 degrees F.  Will be a long, slow, cold, wet slog today.  Hotels are few and far between now and I am riding in an unproven wet weather riding suit (BMW).  Supposed to be dry, but have not ridden all day in it yet.  Camping is an option, but not an attractive one.



5 responses to “Day 6 – Ft. Steele, BC to Prince George, BC Friday 6-15-12

  1. Dolores Bonjo

    Keep warm!!


    Too bad the weather is being uncooperative. Hope the BMW gear works to keep you dry and comfortable. Stay your distance from the Critters……..don’t need to see TV coverage of bike rider being chased into the sunset by giant grizzly!!!!!!

  3. Hi Ted! Glad you enjoyed the beautiful ride through our area. Our visitors are always so excited when they get to see wildlife; your shots are awesome! Do you mind if we post the moose shot on our Facebook page? We can help promote your site and cause by linking back here on the image credit. We wish you the best on the rest of your journey and hope you meet your fundraising goals! If you’re ever back through Prince George, stop in to the Visitor Centre and say hi 🙂

    Take care,
    Tia Kelly
    Tourism Prince George

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