Day 5 – Bismarck to Bozeman, MT

Description: Bismarck, ND to Bozeman, MT 
Odometer: 30, 889 Mileage: 563 Total Mileage: 2268
Time: 9 hrs (Group Ride to Beach, ND)
Today: Bozeman, MT to Lake Louise, Alberta

Unfortunately, due to a terrible internet connection, this post has to be short and  w/o pictures.  I will update at next opportunity.

Tom & I – Badlands Behind

We had a great ride yesterday with 10 riders joining Tom and me from Bismarck to the ND border.  A bit windy, but great weather.  Our “gathering” was covered by a local TV station and also had a live radio interview on COOL 98.7 out of Bismarck.  Word is getting out — at least in ND!  Great hospitality in North Dakota!  Thanks to Tom and all who rode along today!

The Bismarck Escort

Click HERE for a link to the Bismarck TV article and video on the ride.

We had  lunch together in Beach, ND before parting and I headed on to Bozeman to visit my cousin Betsy.  Unfortunately, I got my days mixed up and showed up a day early, but Betsy accommodated anyway.  Because of the mix-up, I ended up staying in a Super 8 hotel (with terrible internet service), but we spent a fun evening together reminiscing on old childhood memories.  I expect to have lots of pictures of the day posted here soon.

Today I will be heading north on a back roads ride past Flathead Lake up into Canada then on to Yoho Park near Banff and Lake Louise.  Not sure I will make it the whole way there today (660 miles) as I am getting a late start (8am) and the road promises to be clogged with folks like me.  Hope to drag out the SLR camera a few times today and will post the results here.  Plan on camping tonight, so that will add to the time factor.  From here on, plan is pretty loose – work my way up the West Coast to Watson Lake in Yukon.  Currently 40 degrees F here, so will be a chilly start.  More later…


3 responses to “Day 5 – Bismarck to Bozeman, MT

  1. You are comng up on some of the prettiest places in north america. Always loved the Canadian Rockies. Happy Trials

  2. Yes – Looking forward to it. Just hope it is not too packed with tourists like me! Pretty stunning place…


    I said it before……very cool. What a great shot of your “escort” team lined up and ready to roll. And kudos to you with the great TV coverage on this portion of your ride. Looking good……..

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