Bozeman, MT to Cranbrook, BC

I realized tonight that I am kind of confusing things by the way I am posting.  Today is day 5, so I will use this post to summarize Day 5.

Total Miles today: 575
Description: Bozeman, MT around Lake Flathead to Cranbrook, BC

Had another leisurely, but long day.  Left Bozeman about 8am and rode up around Flat Head Lake, stopped in Missoula and even stopped for lunch before getting into the mountains.  Shot some photos and some video, but am not yet proficient at editing the video to make it short enough to post.  Would take forever on the slow internet connection I am on.

Was a great day with all of the fundraising functions behind me, my time is my own now.  I took almost 11 hours to cover the mileage today – very slow and lots of traffic – 2-lane roads.  But, was in no hurry for a change – just enjoyed the ride. Stopped for lunch at the 1st place I came to about noon – big mistake.  Probably the worst  BLT I have ever had and was scared to touch anything…  Pretty rough. Would you stop and eat at this place?

Well, survived lunch and started riding into some really pretty country.  Stopped and took the obligatory shot of the bike with the mountains behind, but gives some sense of the size of the place.  Very big…

Crossed the Continental Divide at about 6,600 ‘ ASL shortly afar taking this photo.  Nothing happened – almost missed the sign.

Finally got into Canada about 5:30pm and focused on miles vs. kilometers and finding a place to camp for the night.  ended up at a little campground outside of a town called Cranbrook, BC.  Nothing special, but they do have internet, so here I sit on the porch of the store at 9:30pm (still very light) typing away.

Tomorrow is unplanned – no real destination.  Probably try to get in 500-600 miles, but do want to stop by Takakkaw Falls and was trying to do it in the morning light for some photos. As the sun rises at 5:35 am, and I am still 3-4 hrs away… Guess the mid-day light will have to do…  Trying to make it to Prince George, BC tomorrow.  Would be a 544  mile/ 12 hr day.  Might mean another hotel to save time…

Anyway, the sun is starting to finally set here and the day is catching up to me.  Till tomorrow…


8 responses to “Bozeman, MT to Cranbrook, BC

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m really enjoying your blog.

  2. Michael Fernandez

    Who orders a BLT at the Bison Cafe? You’re supposed to get a bison burger!


    The Bison Cafe would be the first place your Diner Queen sister would stop……for sure!!! Enjoy the wide open spaces and those wonderful panoramic views……….looking good.

  4. I almost envy you…love the pictures, so it has to be even more beautiful to be there in person!! Thanks for the blog!

  5. Great adventurous, generous spirit you have, Ted, and a wonderful blog to chronicle the journey. I’m enjoying reading this so far!

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