Day 4 – Fargo to Bismarck, ND – What a Welcome!

Description: Perham MN (outside Fargo) to Bismarck, ND
Odometer: 30, 326 Mileage: 266 Total Mileage: 1705
Time: 4 hrs (Stop in Fargo for TV spot)
Today: Bismarck, ND to Beach, ND to Bozeman, MT

Yesterday’s Summary

Left the hotel mid morning for a show ride to the Fargo Indian Triumph dealer to meet up with Dr. Mark Jensen and Kelly Brekke of the Arthritis Foundation for a couple of interviews with local TV stations.  Hope to have a link posted to the interviews later today.  As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Mark and I met on a motorcycle ride in Patagonia – “End of the Earth Tour”.  Mark showed up at the dealer with a bunch of pizzas and grinning from ear-to-ear as usual.  Great bunch of folks at Indian Triumph of Fargo – special thanks to them and Mark for setting this up and hosting it.  Kelly did a great job coordinating all of this – Thanks Kelly!

Left Fargo early afternoon and quickly ran across the “world’s largest turkey” and immediately thought of Dolores Bonjo of Schuylkill River Heritage Area fame.  Actually, didn’t run across the turkey, just saw the sign.  After sharing an office with Dolores, I heard endless stories about the size of the turkey that she was raising for Thanksgiving. Well Dolores, think there is one out there bigger than yours…  Anyway, what a claim to fame!

From Fargo on to Bismarck to meet Tom Trenbeath for a formal welcome to North Dakota at the State Capitol.  Tom has put together a group of riders that will ride from Bismarck to Beach, ND (state border) with me.  Think we will have 15 or so riders on all brands of bikes and from different backgrounds.  Stayed at Tom’s house Tuesday night.  Tom and his wife treated me with what I am finding to be typical ND hospitality.  More on this later with pictures.


Today we are leaving Bismarck abut 9am after I have a radio interview with COOL 98.7 at 7:30am.  I am sure we will have lots of pictures and stories on this gathering.  Once reaching the border of ND, I am heading on to Bozeman, MT to meet and stay with my cousin there.

For those of you following the blog, be sure to check back on previous posts as I am editing them and adding pictures/video.  I still need a place to sit down and organize all of the pictures and comments – a place with good internet connection and when the ride activity drops a bit.  Probably in a day or two.

Thanks to all of you following the blog, commenting and donating as a result.  Activity is way up and  all of this can’t help but benefit the kids.


3 responses to “Day 4 – Fargo to Bismarck, ND – What a Welcome!


    How ’bout that…….a real TV and radio celebrity. Sounds like you’re enjoying your journey. Glad to be able to “travel the road with you” through your posts. Keep ’em coming.

  2. MotorChef Mike

    Great honor riding with you today through the North Dakota Badlands.. Lunch cooked on the motor was baked to perfection. A buffalo next to the picnic table meant eating on the bike.

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