Day 3 – Fargo to Bismarck Tuesday, 6-12-12

Yesterday’s (6/11/12) Summary:

Description: St. Ignace, MI to Perham MN (outside Fargo)
Odometer: 30,060  Mileage: 603 Total Mileage: 1439
Time: 12 hrs
Today: Perham, MN to Fargo to Bismarck, ND

Yesterday was a long one…  2 lane road most of the way and lots of folks doing the speed limit – imagine that!  Had a stunning ride after crossing the Mackinac Bridge to the Upper Peninsula of MI.  Completely different world up there.  Rt 2 runs along the northern shore of Lake Michigan and at 6am, with the sun rising, was pretty amazing.  I shot some video of the ride and will post it as soon as I figure out how to edit it.  For now, I will settle for a picture of the bridge shot with a little point-and-shoot camera (still haven’t taken the Nikon out of the case). Great ride through the forest and the smells of balsam were strong and stimulating – a feeling you can’t get sitting in a car.

Slogged though some 2-lane back roads with little stimulating scenery.  Took the obligatory picture of the bike next to the water – note the trees leaning – windy.  Stopped in Duluth to visit the Aerostich warehouse.  Very pleasant folks who cater to riders coming through.  Couldn’t resist trying on on of their Roadcrafter one-peice suits – custom fit and could be ready when I ride back through in a few weeks.  But, resisted – for now…  Figured I have a few days on the bike to ponder any decisions.  Stopped on last time to look back at Duluth – nice scene, but snapshotish…  Promise photography will improve in a few days…

Today will be pretty easy. Stopped in Perham, MN (just outside of Fargo, ND) yesterday thinking that the hotel might be cheaper than the one in Fargo.  Meeting a friend, Dr. Mark Jensen of Fargo, who I roomed with during a trip to Patagonia (Patagonia Blog) a few years ago.  I am meeting Mark at the Fargo Indian Triumph motorcycle shop where we are going to grab lunch and catch-up.  I don’t have to leave the hotel until about 10am, so plenty of time to fill in some details about the trip. There might be a function or interview or something by a local radio station at the shop, not sure yet.  Mark is s surgeon at the VA Hospital in Fargo – very nice guy, but during the ride in Patagonia he kept hoping someone would break something so that he could demonstrate some field surgery… (just kidding Mark).

From Fargo, about a 3 hr ride west to Bismarck to meet Tom Trenbeath of North Dakota government fame.  Actually staying at Tom’s house tonight then he and a group of riders are joining me for the ride to the ND border.   A bit chilly out at about 45 degrees F, but the wind has died a bit.  Should be a nice day  for a ride.


4 responses to “Day 3 – Fargo to Bismarck Tuesday, 6-12-12


    Thanks for the photos…..following you on SPOT but this morning not able to see track into Fargo and beyond. Stopped at #36/39 on my screen (Detroit Lakes area). Doesn’t seem to be updating……could be us!!!!!!!! Have a great day.

  2. Keep rockin the road, Ted!

  3. Let me know when you do the Reading to Sinking springs leg.. I’ll ride with you and buy you a beer at the hog pen. Until then I’ll hook up on your “donate” page and see what I can do. Dr Bob Weston Weston Center

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