On to Fargo… Monday 6-11-12

As noted in the post yesterday, on to Fargo, ND today.  Sort of an easy day.  Will be crossing the Mackinac Bridge 1st thing this morning.  The bridge is the 3rd longest suspension bridge in the world, 5 miles long and known for its high winds.  It is one of those bridges that has a metal grating deck – a horror on a motorcycle. Might be able to get some pictures, but it may still be dark and I might just focus on getting over the bridge.  Should be over it by 6am and on the road to Duluth.

660 Mile ride to Fargo, but on Secondary roads.  Weather is forecast to be much cooler than yesterday, chance of rain – maybe wash off the Michigan crud.  Not a pleasant ride yesterday, hot, Sunday afternoon tourists and traffic.  Hopefully today will be cooler and more fun.


I have added a link to the SPOT GPS track so you can see the route.  Please give met some feedback on the link.  Does it work?  What can you see?  Note the page numbers at the bottom left.  I still haven’t figured out how to combine all of the tracks…

To see the SPOT GPS track, click: HERE


2 responses to “On to Fargo… Monday 6-11-12

  1. 2 Harley’s are leaving fathers day from Limerick Twp. heading to Fairbanks . we are anxious to read your posts Be safe out there

  2. rivertowne ron

    Hope your weather today was cooler and you were able to enjoy your ride. And I guess that old saying truly applies to you……”i’ll cross that bridge when i get to it” !!!!! How was that experience??

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