The Journey Begins!

About 20 minutes to departure…  Next Stop St. Ignace, MI. – 949 miles planned

MADE IT! 13 hours

Left at about 5:30am got in to the Mackinaw City Super 8 at about 6:30pm.  I’ll post the stats of the 1st day’s ride a little later.  Right now I am sitting down at the “Keyhole Bar and Grill” for my 1st real meal of the day.    Today was hot, 95 degrees + most of the day – longing for Alaska!  Bike performed well – averaged 72.6 mph and it didn’t break a sweat (I did though).

Heading for Fargo,ND tomorrow, but really don’t need to be there until Tuesday noon.  If I go all the way, another 12 hr day, about 660 miles on 2ndary roads.  No need to push too hard though.  Need to stop and smell the flowers, or in my case, may need to stop in Duluth to visit the Aerostich folks (even though they didn’t support the ride)…

Hope to get this SPOT GPS thing linked to the blog…  Not as easy as it should be. If successful, will give live feed on position.  Maybe tomorrow am before departing.

Miss the family already – special partner that lets me do this kind of stuff…

Tomorrow’s ride:


7 responses to “The Journey Begins!

  1. Good luck Ted! I look forward to reading about your trip.

  2. rivertowne ron

    And you’re off………have a safe journey. “May the force be with you”…..

  3. Go Ted, Go!!! Congrats!!


    Day one in the books…….sounds like it went ok. Be safe.

  5. jim showalter

    Didn t get to talk to you at the sojourn,but good luck,ride safe……will follow on the blog

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