One Day to Go; Alaska Highway Closed…

With about a day and an evening to go before departure, the frantic activity trying to line up the ducks continues…  A couple of quick items of worthy news:

Alaska Native Medical Center – July 30

With the help of the folks at the Alaska Native Medical Center, we have put together a “gathering” of riders, community, kids and families for an informal picnic on the 5th floor of the Center’s parking garage.  Some of the folks from the Center are organizing an “escort” (for lack of better term) for me coming into town and to the picnic.  The Center and the Arthritis Foundation are conspiring to leverage the event into some much-needed publicity aimed at building awareness of the Juvenile Arthritis challenge.  Some may remember the signing of the BMW’s panniers back in July of 2011 by the kids at Camp Victory.  Well, we hope to have some kids/families do the same in Anchorage on June 30th!

I am always looking for an opportunity to showcase the strength and perseverance of the kids and families who have been touched by the disease.  The kids, whether from Alaska or Allentown, all seem to share the same energy and attitude when dealing with the disease – can’t help but admire them…

Alaska Highway Closed

An excerpt from a recent forum post – here is what you are dealing with in Alaska travel:

Alaska Highway Closed…dow_left_top_4 

FAIRBANKS – Heavy rain in the Yukon washed out the Alaska Highway in two places Thursday night, according to the Yukon Highways and Public Works Department.

The road is closed in two places. South of Whitehorse, a mudslide and washout was reported between Junction 37 and Teslin. The highway is also closed just south of Kluane Lake between Haines Junction and Destruction Bay. 

Travelers already in Whitehorse can still reach Fairbanks via the Top of the World Highway, a detour of several hundred miles.

Sounds like fun, eh?

One response to “One Day to Go; Alaska Highway Closed…

  1. rivertowne ron

    Sounds like the word has gotten out regarding your trip as you have another “event” orchestrated along your route. That’s great. Enjoy the escort into town and the picnic with your new found friends.

    You have to be pumped as the clock ticks down to departure. You’ve worked diligently in preparation which will pay off in many ways as you “hit the road”. We wish you all the best on your travel from here to there and back. Be safe. AND ENJOY YOUR RIDE…….

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