Thanks Hermy! A Week to Go!

Had the moto in for a final servicing before heading to Alaska next Sunday.  Oil change, valve adjustment, new front tire etc…  All done at Hermy’s in Port Clinton and at a substantial discount as a contribution to the ride.  Thanks Hermy!  Great shop and people, very supportive.  Highly recommended if you are looking for a new BMW or Triumph – or services on the same!

A Week To GO!

With only a week to go, have to say it is hard to imagine riding after all of the preparation.  As I write this, a week from now I hope to be heading down the PA turnpike to land in St. Ignace about 8pm.  Really can’t wait and am really looking forward to some veg time in the saddle – think I’ll have plenty of that.  Just some time to focus on riding, the scenery and being “in the moment” as the Zen proponents suggest…  Committed to moving ahead, but not too worried about exactly where I end up for the day.  Need to be in Fargo by Tuesday, but other than that – no real plan.

Have packed and unpacked – too many times.  Trying to minimize the obligatory list of things that I have forgotten.  Feels like a self-expanding list of things to get done for family, business and such, but 5am next Sunday will come and I am sure that there will be a few things remaining that will go unfinished.   Went from detailed planning to keying in on a few dates and letting the rest happen.  Weather looks pretty good and am ready to go.  Working on last minute details and figuring out the SPOT GPS so anyone following can track the route I am taking and progress along the way.

This will probably be the last post until just before leaving.  Lots to do and title time to do it…  Subscribe to the blog for notifications and details.  Be back in about a week!


One response to “Thanks Hermy! A Week to Go!

  1. best of luck and have a great time!

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