Thanks White Wave Foods – Bridgeton Plant!

The Bridgeton, NJ plant of White Wave Foods has been working hard to help raise money for the Ride to Alaska for the last few months.  Special thanks to Maria, Jamie and John for their help in managing the effort that involved almost all of the employees in the plant.   I posted an article a few weeks go at the start of this campaign, and this is the finale.  Maria organized a pretty slick system for enticing donations – the White Wave Wall pictured below and described in my previous post. We even got a few folks from the parent company, Dean Foods, to pitch in!  THANKS TO ALL THAT CONTRIBUTED!

Well, today we totaled the contributions in preparation for the scheduled departure next week.  Total:$680, the biggest donation yet.  This will get us very near the $5,000 mark.  In fact, we are still waiting for the Arthritis Foundation to enter one donation of $100 on the site, so we may have passed the $5K milestone already!  I am hoping that once the ride starts, publicity and the excitement of the ride will draw additional donations and we will at least pass the $10,000  mark for the ride.  Here’s to hoping!

About a week to go – a little crazy, but anxious to get on the road.  We are about to announce a “gathering” in Anchorage June 30, but waiting for a few details to be ironed out.  Stay tuned!


One response to “Thanks White Wave Foods – Bridgeton Plant!

  1. rivertowne ron

    White Wave created quite a splash…….nice effort on their part.

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