3 Weeks to go!

After almost a year of planning, I am about 3 weeks from departure on this amazing adventure.  Things are getting incredibly busy with all of the last-minute details, trying to organize the professional and personal aspects of my life for a 30 day absence and responding to the inquiries that are now becoming a daily occurrence.

I have decided that I have done enough planning – probably enough for a trip twice as long and more complex.  Now it is time to let it flow, respond to the weather and opportunities and just enjoy the ride.  I kind of compare it to kayaking a big boat in the heavy surf and reaching a point where the wave has taken control;  you are simply riding along, relaxing and keeping the bow pointed in the right direction – enjoy the ride.  The more you try to control, the less you have…

Posts may be short and succinct from here on – limited time and have probably said it all – ad nauseam…  Still looking for about $150 to break $4000.  Have a fellow fund-raiser, Roger Hyde who has joined the Kintera  site to help out.  Roger, if you are out there, Thanks!  Drop me an e-mail.

Thanks to all who have contributed, supported and offered wishes for success!  Still hoping for a wave of funding before leaving, but we are on the other side and focused on the trip from here on.

At Hermy’s on Saturday, then off to AK in about 2 weeks!


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