North Dakota Welcome! Bearofobia?

Tom Trenbeath

As a result of the recent article in the BMW Motorcycle Owners Magazine, a fellow rider, Mr. Tom Trenbeath of Bismarck, ND dropped me an e-mail about getting a group together (The Retreads Motorcycle Club) in North Dakota to join me on my trip through the state. Of course, I was delighted and what started as a small group ride looks like it might turn into a radio/TV spot and even a few donations for the cause.  Tom and I have been in contact with the Arthritis Foundation’s North Dakota office and we are coordinating the event in Bismarck.  Tom was even good enough to invite me to stay at his place, clearly not knowing how much of a mess I make with gear, clothes, electronics and the weird hours I keep (updating blogs and such).  I had to decline the invitation,  knowing I would likely test Tom’s patience and good nature with my antics.

I hope to be landing in Fargo, ND on June 12 (weather permitting) and then on to Bismarck that afternoon/evening.  I’ll be staying over in Bismarck that night (at a hotel – your sanity is safe Tom) then joining up with a group or riders to head for the border early Wednesday morning.  Looks like we will have all kinds of bikes and folks from all backgrounds – all pulling for the Juvenile Arthritis cause.  Tom’s idea is to charge $10 per bike to ride along – of course you get a Ride to Alaska sticker.  Man, I sure hope I don’t fall over or something else embarrassing…  Kelly from the Arthritis Foundation is working on the radio coverage and other promotional stuff.  Have to hand it to Kelly – like most folks working in the non-profit sector, over-worked and under-paid, but always happy to help.  More on this as details develop.

Nice Article in the Pottstown Mercury (Fear of Bears?)

The web version of the Pottstown Mercury posted a nice article on the ride today and we got lots of interest.  HERE is a link to the article.  Was fun doing the interview and Eileen Faust showed a little spunk when she jumped on the back of the bike to shoot some video from the riders perspective.  Great support!  Thanks Eileen!  This post  in the Mercury site prompted the most traffic through this blog since its start.  Well over 100 hits today!


2 responses to “North Dakota Welcome! Bearofobia?


    That’s great news. Cheers to those fellow riders from ND and their help in support of your trip and Juvenile Arthritis. That should prove to be a fun leg on your journey.

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