New (and hopefully final) Schedule

With the recent additions to the agenda for the Ride to Alaska, I have modified the proposed schedule a bit.  Activities that have been added to the list include:

  • Stop in Fargo and/or Bismarck, ND to promote the ride and garner support for Juvenile Arthritis
  • Participation in the July 4th Parade in North Pole, AK prior to the Jingle Bell Run on July 7
  • Participation in the Jingle Bell Run (5K) on July 7 (then heading home)

As noted in a previous post, the Jingle Bell event adds a week to the trip and sort of stretches the whole thing out to a more comfortable pace.  On the other hand, I am sure I will be yearning to get home to the family.  As my wife pointed out, when I undertake these crazy excursions, I am usually ready to head home within a week or 10 days of leaving – gonna be tough to make it almost 30 days…  I have advised all involved at the Arthritis Foundation of this trait of mine and all have been very understanding of potential changes in the schedule to accommodate it.

So, here is the revised schedule for the ride.  It is pretty set for now, only to be influenced by the weather, mechanical problems or the like.  Although the schedule looks pretty easy, distances are deceiving as on many of the roads in the Yukon and Alaska, 30-35 mph is a good estimate of speed due to conditions and traffic.  The total mileage is about the same, but is sure to go up.


One response to “New (and hopefully final) Schedule

  1. rivertowne ron

    The heck with Iron Butt……you’re qualifying for “Iron Man”!!!!!!!

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