The Word Is Getting Out! 52 Days to Go!

It seems that a combination of the approaching departure date (June 10) and some local publicity has really heated up the interest in the ride.  Hopefully this interest will translate to donations, but the awareness alone is worth a lot.  Hits to the blog are up to about 70-80/day and a bunch of e-mails are coming in related to the ride – all very supportive.

Several articles and blog posts (other than this one) have bee published in the last few weeks including:

The Morning Call (Couldn’t get the logo to appear here) – Lehigh Valley: Nice Article by Milton Carrero.  Click HERE!

Here is another article linked to the Morning Call one with links to thi blog.

The Pottstown Mercury has added a link to the blog in its “Town Square” posting.  Eileen Faust of the Mercury has been helpful in formatting this blog and its content.  Article is coming…

Many other organizations have supported the ride by adding links to the blog including:


2 responses to “The Word Is Getting Out! 52 Days to Go!

  1. rivertowne ron

    Nice to see the articles. Departure day is not too far off!!!

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