Running at the North Pole in July? (North Pole, AK)

I just got the word that there will be a Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis in North Pole Alaska, July 7, 2012 and have been invited to the event. North Pole Alaska? Yup – and a Jingle Bell Run in July – only in Alaska. This event, probably one of the biggest fund-raisers for the Arthritis Foundation in Alaska, draws over 600 participants and has an aggressive goal of raising $42,000 for the cause.

Where the heck is North Pole, AK you ask? And, why hold a “Jingle Bell” run in July? Well, the map to the right shows the location and think about it… would you run in a 5K in December when the average temp is about -10 degrees F and could be -40 with wind chill!

The Schedule Shifts

My original schedule had me home on the patio, feet propped up and cold beer in hand about the time the runners will be finishing up their 5K run. Would tacking another week and a couple of thousand miles cross the line for me, my family, business and general sanity? Well, my wife said to go for it, the benefits for juvenile arthritis fundraising/awareness seemed pretty real, and it also would give me an extra few days in the schedule to take some brakes, explore and bring the whole frantic pace of the trip down a notch. Sooooooo, now the schedule has been modified to allow for a 5K run on July 7, then head home hell-bent for election.

Within the next few days, I should have the revised schedule up for those who are interested. Based on the blog statistics, it appears that many are checking the schedule, so I’ll modify it as soon as I work things out.

Looking for a Jingle Bell Run Sponsor

As I am now doing a 5k in addition to the 14,000 miles of riding, I am looking for someone to cough up the entry fee for the North Pole Jingle Bell Run. The minimum fee is $20, but I would love to have the Ride to Alaska listed as a “Sponsor” which takes $250. If there is anyone out there willing or able, please drop me an at tsdanforth at yahoo dot com to let me know.

If anyone has an interest in contributing or sponsoring the North Pole Jingle Bell Run, feel free to contact Laura Goss of the Arthritis Foundation, Alaska. I hesitate to put direct e-mail links due to the spammers out there, so go to the website to get the contact information.


4 responses to “Running at the North Pole in July? (North Pole, AK)

  1. The journey keeps getting more and more epic! Way to go, Ted!

  2. Yes – the actual ride will be dull compared to the planning! Hope I don’t breakdown in Toledo or something!

  3. Hey! Just found this-
    Good Luck with the trip & journey.
    I lived in NP for 3 yrs while in the USAF-Good Times!
    If you’re not in shape for the 5K just slow down & take it easy, if you do this you’ll probably get some motivation quickly as the Skeeter cloud will catch up to you!! Enjoy!

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