Special Thanks To White Wave Foods, Bridgeton, NJ

A special thanks to the employees of the Bridgeton Plant of White Wave foods, makers of Silk Soy Milk and Almond Milk for their support of the Ride to Alaska for Juvenile Arthritis.  I have been working with the plant for a number of years and once they got wind of the Ride to Alaska, the support has been overwhelming.  The plant has offered (unofficially at this point – still waiting for approval from above) to match the donations from employees, dollar for dollar, and so far many of the folks working there have stepped-up.

I would be negligent if I didn’t mention the coordinator of the effort, Maria Morales, who has worked hard putting the campaign on paper and getting the word out.  In addition to writing articles for the plant newsletter, Maria (with Jamie’s help)  has gone above and beyond in putting together banners, collecting money and tracking contributions for the ride.  Maria put together a “wall of support” to publicize the ride and showcase contributors at the plant.  Thanks Maria! The photo to the left is of the “wall of support” for the ride and each logo represents a contribution from an employee.  Maria came up with this system and to date I believe that we have over 25 employees who have contributed.

Now, I am working on a couple of more organizaitons with hopes of similar programs to kick start the fundraising.  If any readers have a suggestion of an organization who might be open to this type of effort, let me know!


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