Have an Iron Butt? Yes, I do!

A few months ago I wrote about a ride that I did covering more than 1,000 miles in a little over 17 hrs.  The post was titled: “Who Has An Iron Butt.”  Although the formal purpose of the ride was to attain certification for the ride and gain entry into the Iron Butt Association, the real motivation was to build confidence for the Ride to Alaska and the ability to do 600-700 mile days back to back per my planned schedule.

I received an e-mail from the Iron Butt Association yesterday indicating the documentation that I had submitted on the ride was confirmed and accepted by the  IBA and that I am now an official member of the Association!  I have to admit, a bit sheepishly, that I was pretty proud of myself – achieving something I sought… On the other hand, I did a little research and found that there are currently 50,000 members of the IBA – all have completed what I did at a minimum and many, much more.  I didn’t bother with the statistics, but in my mind I kind of equate it to a runner doing a 5k – maybe a personal accomplishment, but relatively minor compared to the marathoners and ultra-marathoners out there.

I may try for the next step in the IBA progression on the initial stages of the Alaska trip – possibly 2,000 miles in 48 hrs or 1,500 miles in 24 hrs.  It seems that this strategy would work well for the initial part of the trip, but would leave much time for seeing the sites in Cleveland, Duluth and Fargo, etc… Hmmm, maybe not a bad idea…

Tires and Loading the Bike

I am hoping to get a chance to load up the bike this weekend with all of the stuff that I will be taking on the trip.  I really need to make some decisions on the whether or not to try to carry spare/replacement tires with me or ship them to a spot in the Yukon or Alaska for installation when I get there.  To do this, I need to have a pretty well-defined route, which means a pretty solid plan.  Been trying to avoid the “solid plan” at all cost – want to maintain the flexibility.  Maybe seeing the bike fully loaded with the tires precariously balanced on top will make the decision for me…   I’ll give it a shot and post some pictures  – will be kinda fun.


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