Motorcycling in Alaska/Alaska Photography

For those interested in the spirit of those who ride motorcycles to and in Alaska, you really should check out the  forum – kind of a meeting place for adventurers on 2 wheels.    My favorite is the Alaska Regional forum – lots of

Jack "Alcan Rider "

information, stories and general jabbering about riding in Alaska.  My favorite contributor is Alcan Rider and his frequent posts, always well written and frequently enhanced with great photos of the Alaska countryside.  Many of Jack’s photos were used on this blog (with permission) – great stuff…  Check out Jack’s SmugMug Photos

Interestingly, the ADVRIDER site is hosted by the same folks who developed and manage – millions of great photos.

If you get the chance, turn off the TV, grab a beer and sit down and poke around this site with its forum and photos – pretty neat.


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