LL Bean Fleeces, Wolfman Sponsor, Quarry Hill Farm

LL Bean Fleeces Now Available!

We have arranged for the addition of the Alaska Ride logo to those super soft, warm LL Bean Fitness Fleeces – for those contributing $250 or more to the ride.  Modeled here by me with the bike in the background, and a close-up below.   My wife Andrea had one of these done for me as a Christmas present and I really like them – almost worth the $250 donation by itself.  Great colors and LL Bean quality.

We will be placing an order in the next few weeks for those who have contributed at this level so if you are contemplating a donation, let us know so we cn include your fleece in the order.  The cost of the fleeces will be coming out of my pocket – not the donation to the ride.  Every dollar donated goes directly to the Arthritis Foundation coffers.

Wolfman Luggage Signs-up as a Sponsor

We are pleased to have Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage agree to sponsor us by supplying equipment for the ride.  I received my initial shipment of a Rainier Tank Bag a few weeks ago and am impressed with the quality.  I will be using the Rainier Bag to store essentials to be kept handy as well as my Nikon SLR for those often-missed photo opportunities.  Once I get a chance to put the gear through the paces, I’ll do a detail discussion of the products that will be used on the ride under the “Gear” page of the blog.   However, based on what I have seen so far, I won’t have to give the gear from Wolfman a second thought on the ride.  Check out the gear available at Wolfman’s site! Great Tank Bags, Saddle Bags, Tail Bags and other innovative, well-made luggage.  Thanks for the sponsorship Wolfman!!

Quarry Hill Farm

Purely by chance, I ran across a friend of mine and his wife who are now operating Quarry Hill Farm in Harleysville PA – a supplier of 100% organic products from their 100 acre farm.  What does a down home, organic, sustainable farming operation have to do with a ride to Alaska or Arthritis?  Well, maybe more than you think.  In the next few weeks,  I’ll be doing an in-depth article on the farm and the role of organically grown and pasture-fed products in fighting reducing the impact of diseases like Juvenile Arthritis.  Stay tuned…


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