Donation Instructions

It has come to my attention that there is a bit of confusion on how to donate via the Arthritis Foundation (Kintera) site. I know this is a bit unclear and am posting instructions here to minimize the frustration and help in getting the donations  – kind of the point of the whole trip.

To donate on line, here ya go (you can jump right to #4 below to go there directly):

1. Go to the Donation Website:

2. Click on the Blue Button in the middle of the page: “Sponsor Participant”

3. Enter “Ted” in first name box and “Danforth” in last name box

4. Click my name in blue in lower left, will take you to the donation page, or CLICK HERE  to get there directly.

5. Enter the amount and “CONTINUE” and it will take you to the payment page.

6. Should be easy from here.

Sorry for the clunkiness – but that is what I have to work with. Leave a comment here or e-mail me if you are having any trouble.

Thanks for the donations!


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