Meet ‘n Greet at pre-Jinglebell Run

Had the opportunity to meet lots of folks at the pre-Jinglebell Run event at Devon Hill BMW last night.  What a great crowd!  Had lots of interest in the ride, dinner on the Arthritis Foundation, and a special treat when Nick Defelice (new car sales manager) took me down to the basement to see Joe Litchko’s operation.  Lots of older restoration projects and many BMW motorcycles, old and new under various stages of repair.  Wish I would have taken some pictures – but was way to busy poking around to think about it at the time.

As for the pre-Run event, must of been 100+ folks coming through to pick up their registration packet for the Jingle Bell Rnn this Sunday.  Cheryl Lutz of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation indicated that there will be over 1,500 participants this year.  Unlike lat year with a cold rain (I actually ran the 5K last year), this year promises to be much nicer -a perfect day for running – temps in the 40s with almost no wind. At least that is the prediction.

Thanks to all who stopped by to chat about the ride to Alaska.  One family had even been to Prudhoe Bay and gave me lots of details about the area and where to stay/eat.  Got a few commitments for contributions – we’ll see if they come through.  I am a little nervous about the level of contributions at this point, but am assured by the folks at the Arthritis Foundation that it is a little early and folks probably won’t think much about donating until a couple of months before the ride.  Fingers crossed…

We are currently at about $1400 on the DONATION site.  Maybe there will be a little activity from the appearance at this function.


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