A New Logo for the Ride!

In our effort to attract contributions and support, I though it would make sense to develop a logo that would  be kind of neat to have on literature and promotional gear that we offer.  To do this, I initiated a “contest” through, where designers compete for the award of the design.  Pretty cool concept and we ended up with about 37 different designs to select from.  If you want to view the designs, check out this link to our contest: Ride to Alaska Contest.  We have up to 2 weeks to award a design, but I am pretty sure that we will choose a winner within the next few days.

Where will we be using this logo?  We will be offering a number of different gifts for contributions, many focuses on corporate givers, but  for individuals as well.

Although we are still working out the details, here are a couple of gifts that we will be offering:

Gifts of $1,000 or more: LLBean Warm-up Jacket w/ Logo, Logo/Name on Bike Panniers and Shirts:  Name mentioned in interviews and PR spots

Gifts of $500 – $1,000: Long Sleeve Tee Shirt w/ Logo

Gifts of $250 – $500:Regular Tee Shirt w/ logo

Well, here it is:

Let me know what you think.  Now the fun begins!


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