Dawson City Reservations!

In the loosely planned ride to Alaska, there are only a few specific dates/events that I am hoping to experience and top among them is the Dusk to Dawson (D2D) gathering in Dawson City, Yukon Territory , Canada.  I won’t reiterate the history or the details of the event here, follow the link above for specifics.  However, the flavor of the event seems to define Alaska and adventure motorcycle riders.  From what I can glean from the various sites, this intentionally nebulous event attracts more than 200 riders from across the country  – just to gather, exchange stories and share in the beauty of the territory.  I made my reservations at the Downtown Hotel today,  so I am now committed to be in Dawson City June 21 and  22, about 7 days from the start of the ride.  This will necessitate some long days and will leave little room for mishaps…

The Downtown Hotel - Dawson, Yukon Territory

2010 D2D Riders - from ADV Riders

According to the counter on the Arthritis Foundation fundraising site, there are 227 days left until departure, more or less.  We have raised a whopping $1390 so far, but fundraising will not begin in earnest for another few months. Thanks to all of those who have contributed!   The goal is still $25,000 – a long way to go.   I will be stopping by Devon Hill BMW on December 9 2011 for a promotional event prior to the Jingle Bell Run held on Sunday of the same weekend.

As mentioned in previous posts, I hope to get in a couple of 1000 mile days as training before the ride.  The bike is pretty well set, just not sure how the rider will do.  Previous training rides of this length were canceled due to weather, work or family obligations. Next one is scheduled for November 25 – Black  Friday

 – which may ask be a poor choice due to traffic and holiday travelers.  Trying to make it to Toledo, OH and back in 24 hours.  Sounds like a push to me, but the guys from the Iron Butt Association say it can easily be done.  We’ll see…


One response to “Dawson City Reservations!

  1. Dennis Stauffer

    7 days from Philly to Dawson sounds a bit too much for me.
    Keep in touch on the Alaska Site at Advrider for more seasoned opinions then mine. PM Fighter, he has alot of experience riding the lower 48 and the Alcan.


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