Long Ride to VT – 600 mile days?

Took a long ride to VT on the “new” 1200 GSA.  Spent about 8 hrs in the saddle and felt pretty good.  Can’t imagine doing a 1,000 mile day though.  I only managed about 350 miles in 9 hours (40 mph on average)!  Of course, I was heading up the Eastern Corridor, probably the worst area to try to make distance over time…  Based on my objectives of 600 mile days on the trip to Alaska, I will be riding 12+ hr days – gotta get the old butt in shape here…  Assuming that I will be able to increase the average speed on the cross country ride – I hope.

Rediscovered the joy of riding long distances and seeing the countryside.  Found myself in a bit of a “zone” while riding, beautiful day and weather was perfect (in spite of the forecasted rain).  Wasn’t even getting irritated at the tourists enjoying the fall scenery  at 30 mph in a 50 mph zone.  Could definitely have put in another 4 hrs or so on the road if I needed to.

On a side note, am currently up in VT taking a Timber Framing course by Yestermorrow Design Build School – given to me as a Christmas present by my wife last year.  Pretty neat and could easily become my next obsession…  Might throw in some pictures here of the week’s activities.


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