Camp Victory and BMWMOA Rally

After a few weeks of relative inactivity related to the Ride to Alaska, this week promises to be busy.  I arrived at the BMW International Rally yesterday and also was invited to meet the kids at Camp Victory to talk a bit about the ride and get some 1st hand exposure to the work that the regional Arthritis Foundation was doing.

Hot!  Hot!  Hot! best describes the weather in Bloomsburg.  On my ride to Camp Victory from the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, my temperature gauge was reading 101 degrees F.  Stopped in traffic, in the sun and in full protective gear (over pants, jacket, boots and helmet), was almost unbearable.  Tolerable when moving, but still pretty hot.

Camp Victory

Camp Victory Kids

I arrived at Camp Victory about 4:30 pm and met with Wade and Barbara to discuss the schedule.  In a short time, the kids arrived a the dinning hall for dinner and a short presentation on the Alaska Ride.   After dinner, the kids gathered around and signed the bike going to Alaska and offered their thanks and good wishes.  My writing skills couldn’t do justice to describing  the challenges that these kids face and their attitude  in dealing with them.  I wish I could bottle the energy and spirit and offer it to the folks that I meet dealing with their day to day troubles.  No comparison.

I placed two logos on the bike for the kids to sign.  They had a blast doing it, even though some insisted on signing the panniers rather than the logo…  Here is what one of them looked like after the signing:


About 2-3,000 of the 10,000 folks expected are here.  I’ll write more on this later as time permits.  For now, need to run to help with registration as the new arrivals are rolling in…


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