Adventure Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder…

In chatting-up the proposed ride with friends, potential sponsors, and associates, I get varied responses, but most say “All that way on a motorcycle? You’re nuts!”  Well this may be, but this is really not that extreme as adventure riding goes, in fact pretty docile.  Hundreds of motorcyclists complete the journey each year –   with varying success.  Probably the biggest challange is dealing with a sore butt and the bugs.

However, for me, with my limited experience and aching old body, this trip offers quite an adventure.  Solo time on the road, wide open spaces and a relatively flexible agenda go right to the heart of what gets my blood pumping.

Patagonia Ride

Also, as I mentioned in some posts in my previous blog on a recent ride in Patagonia,   I believe that many others have the same yearning for excitement in their back pocket, in some it is more latent than others.  I hope that the scribblings that offer here prompt some to pull this desire out of its hiding place, throw it on the table to examine and do something to satisfy it.

It is my hope that many of those reading this will relate to the experience and ride along with me through the various stages of planning, interfacing with the kids and ride execution.   The key to all of this will be if those along for the ride will also pay their dues by contributing to the cause and help us met the $25,000 goal.


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